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A little bit about me…

Since I was a child I've had a deeply rooted love of photography. My first camera was film (sounds stoneage right?!) so my parents spent oodles of mula on developing all of my random pictures. Thankfully we've progressed to the digital-age!

I began this adventure 9 years ago as a newly-wed living in Texas. I learned a lot while attending all the workshops i could find and taking photos of many willing subjects for practice.

These days my favorite (but not always willing) subjects are my two beautiful children. My daughter, Averie, is 5 years old and my son, Weston, is 3. Averie is a natural little model (and a ham!) in front of the camera, but Weston would rather run around and play in dirt than hold still and smile. He started this new [funny-not-funny] thing where he sticks his tongue out and rolls his eyes into his head when I'm taking his picture. Boys! ;) I've learned to be quick at taking photos of littles thanks to him. Candid pictures are way better anyway right? ;)

Drop me a line or shoot me an email if you'd like to book a session. Spots are limited since I only do this on a part-time basis. :)

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